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Public Wi-Fi Hotspot Security with Cisco Cloud Web Security
Allows organizations to control and secure their Wi-Fi connectivity

Different types of organizations are finding that offering public Wi-Fi can be a viable business opportunity. In many places, whether a coffee shop, hotel, or retail store, Wi-Fi is no longer just desirable for customers and patrons - it is a necessity.

The main benefits of implementing public Wi-Fi networks include:

Prevent Unsuitable Content
While there is a clear benefit to customers to use a high-speed Wi-Fi connection in-store, this rise in web browsing also increases the likelihood of a patron accessing content that is inappropriate or unwanted within the boundaries of the premise. Businesses need to be able to prevent unwanted content from being accessible in-store.

Cisco Cloud Web Security allows organizations to control and secure their Wi-Fi connectivity, which, in addition to protecting customers, offers additional insight into web usage and enables businesses to accelerate growth.

Cisco Cloud Web Security offers granular control over all web content using multiple techniques, including real-time dynamic web content classification, an industry-leading URL filtering database, and file type and content filters. ScanSafe offers a truly effective solution for managing web access: Websites are organized into more than 75 content categories that have been developed to reflect the current state of the Internet, and global coverage and multi-language domain support are provided.

Mobile Device Interoperability
Businesses cannot regulate the mobile computing devices that consumers are using to access public Wi-Fi hotspots. Cisco Cloud Web Security operates independently from the device, with all control being carried out in the cloud. From laptops and notebooks to iPads and iPhones, all web content can be managed.

Insight into Customer Behavior
Along with control over web content, Cisco Cloud Web Security can also offer detailed insight into customer web usage behavior. Retailers can understand what volume of their customers are researching competitive websites and stores and allow them to define a competitive strategy based on this insight.

Choice of Deployment
Cisco Cloud Web Security control can be enabled by using either a Cisco ASA 5500 Series firewall or Cisco Integrated Services Router to forward web traffic to the cloud service. This can enable local Internet access without losing control or backhauling traffic.

Cisco Cloud Web Security also partners with Wi-Fi hotspot providers who offer the service as part of their overall offering.

Public Wi-Fi Hotspot Security


Cisco Cloud Web Security enables businesses to offer enhanced customer experience through public Wi-Fi connectivity while maintaining control over content that is accessible.

Benefits include: