ScanSafe Managed Web Security available at ScanDefender.comScanSafe ScanCenter Portal

ScanSafe is designed for ease-of-management. All ScanSafe services are provided through ScanCenter, an easy-to-use Web-based portal for reporting, control and administration. Using a secure, centralized location you can set Web and IM usage policies for individuals or groups of users. Reporting functionality is comprehensive and ranges from high-level dashboard views to detailed forensic audits on specific users.

ScanCenter enables the customer administrator to:

ScanCenter has been designed to make reporting both easy and accessible. Automated reports are available on overall traffic, bandwidth, blocked URLs, spyware and Web viruses stopped. These are complemented by a comprehensive selection of additional reports, generated daily, which provide in-depth analysis in the form of graphs, tables, and exportable data files.


Click the screenshots below for a closer inspection of the ScanCenter interface: