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Cisco Cloud Web Security
Industry-Leading Web Security

Cisco Cloud Web Security

As a cloud-delivered web security solution, Cisco CWS offers extensive security as a service (SaaS). Deployment is simple and fast. No maintenance or upgrades are required.

Cloud Web Security Traffic Redirection Connection Method

Cloud Web Security allows for flexible deployment options that include Cisco appliances... or not. There are many ways to redirect traffic to the Cloud Web Security web proxy. Redirection can be accomplished through the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances (both physical and virtual), Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISR) G2, Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers (through generic routing encapsulationover IPsec) and the Web Security Appliances (physical and virtual). These redirect traffic to Cloud Web Security for web security functions.

Next-Generation Firewall (Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances, physical and virtual)

Capitalize on your Adaptive Security Appliance investments by offloading content scanning to Cisco’s cloud through Cloud Web Security. Apply acceptable-use policy to the company, groups, or individual users.

Cisco 4000 Series ISR

 Get the same benefits of redirecting through the ISR G2. At the same time, you reduce maintenance costs by adopting industry-standard GRE over IPsec technology that is reliable, well understood, and mature. See Controlled Availability notification for more information

Web Security Appliance (physical and virtual)

Integrate Cloud Web Security and the Web Security Appliance so that identity information can be sent to the cloud. And extend other on-premises enterprise features to Cloud Web Security customers.

AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

 Authenticate and redirect web traffic off the corporate network whenever the end user is. Cloud Web Security uses cached user credentials and directory information when users are away from the office or connecting through a VPN, helping to ensure that the same web usage policies are applied.

Cisco ISR G2

 Save bandwidth, money, and resources and improve Internet speed at the branch by intelligently redirecting Internet traffic from branch offices directly to the cloud to enforce security and control policies. Apply acceptable-use policy to all users regardless of location.

Standalone deployment

 Deploy a simple web security solution that does not require additional hardware. Connect to the Cloud Web Security service using existing browser settings and Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) or Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) files.

Every Cloud Web Security deployment option includes directory authentication methods that enhance end-user identification, enabling administrators to apply precise filter controls at the user or group level and run detailed log reports.